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November 1, 2015
We had a nice day and decided to check out a few new places for possible future investigations. Unfortunately we only got EVP from two places which we are unable to go back to. One was from a cemetery which was well overgrown and had much poison ivy in it. I was in shorts and didn't want to chance anything so Brian went in and while in there he got a humming. The second was an abandoned school house in which I had sensed a single presence. This property was posted so we did not enter it. However while walking around we did get a voice saying "I am here".
This is most likely our last investigation of 2015, unless we get a surprisingly warm night here soon. Also another cemetery we have not been to in a few years. It turned out to be quite interesting. All of us felt the presence of spirit energy. We used a new app on our Ovilus that seemed to work as we got a blip on the radar just after we had a voice saying "Here". Mike had heard someone humming which both Brian and I did not hear at the time. It was however caught on the audio several times.

November 1, 2015
We had a chance to revisit a cemetery we hadn't been to in a few years. This night started quiet but picked up about 45 minutes into the investigation. We all sensed spirit energy which seemed to come from a hub of trees in the cemetery. While Brian and I were checking out a grave which Brian was drawn to we got a voice saying "Said no". Overall though we didn't get much in the way of evidence it was still an interesting night.

September 1, 2015
Brian and I got the chance to visit our friend Jessie a bit ago, on the way home from dinner. While we were there, Brian felt as though something was on his back. I checked it out and looking closely at it I could see a white aura coming off his back from his head down to his shoulders. We also managed to get a couple of EVP's while we were there. One was from a man who said "Never again". The other was from a woman saying "What is it?" Not too bad for a simple short visit.

September 1, 2015
In mid-July we were happy to find we could go back to our favorite church to see how things were going there. When we arrived there both Brian and Mike saw a light in the window of the church. Upon checking it out we could find no explanation as to why a light was there. We were able to hear from the little boy who stays there. On the Ovilus we got the name of Walter, which could possibly have also come over the SB11. After the investigation it was researched and found that a Walter was indeed buried in the cemetery outside the church.

June 27, 2015
For our first official investigation this year we thought it would be a good night to show Mike our visual cemetery. Here we are talking this place up to Mike and when we get there instantly Brian felt there was some sort of change in the energy of this place. The energy felt like it was being held back. We did see some slight movement around but it really felt like no one was willing to interact with us. The highlight of the night was when I felt the presence of a young woman which was later validated by the SB11 . She said "Hello" and then also said my name twice. It sure made my night.

June 27, 2015
We started out our season this year with a training exercise to welcome our new member Mike to our team. We chose a location that I have found very interesting and which we really haven't been back to since our second year. It was an interesting night. We got to show Mike the ropes and we got the chance to try out our new equipment we got over the winter a new Ovilus and the SB11. The new Ovilus took us by surprise by saying "Surprise" to us for it's first word, in a much more human voice then we were used to. We got a couple of EVP's, one being a man saying "Tom" twice within a few seconds. The other was a whisper that we just couldn't make out. In our SB11 session we got a man and a woman twice saying "Talk" a few seconds apart. Overall not a bad night for a training exercise.

November 18, 2014

Although we were limited this summer we did get a chance to check out a couple of places this fall.First we visited our buddy Jessie. When we got there we both felt a strong energy. Although we did not get any EVPs the Ovilus was quite interesting. It would respond to something we had just said, often repeating itself several times over even though at times we were just talking between ourselves.

One day when we were out going to an apple farm to get some cider, we came upon a quaint little cemetery. The energy there was quite interesting. When we first got there I got a name in my head and asked Brian if he was getting any names. He told me "Peter". I was quite surprised by this because that was the name that I had gotten. We both got the sense of spirits there, in total about 4 different spirits. However because we didn't know we were stopping anywhere we didn't have our equipment with us so we weren't able to verify any of what we were sensing.

October 10, 2014

Hey all,

We decided to visit our friend Abel for what looks like our last investigation of the season. It was, for the most part, a quiet night. Both Brian and I saw a dark form moving in front of him early on in the night. Brian thought he heard a clicking noise which was caught by our camera. Abel did let us know he was there when Brian asked him to say something on the Ovilus that we would know was him. He responded by saying "Friend". The SB-7 provided us with a few clips which were not relevant but we couldn't say were not radio. We got such words as "Table" , "Execute" and "Eight". However we did get someone saying "Abel".

July 30, 2014

Our Second investigation took us to the cemetery to which we refer to as our visual cemetery. Although Brian and I did sense at least three spirits and saw some movement we did not get any notable evidence from this cemetery on this investigation.

July 30, 2014

We are finally back. Due to weather conditions and work schedules we had a slow start this year . Our first investigation of the season took us to visit our friend Jessie. Visually we didn't see much that evening, a bit of movement was the extent of that. We did capture some EVP however. One happened while Brian was talking to Jessie at his grave and asked Jessie if he would like to exchange energy. We got the response "Yeah". While all of us were at Jessie's grave Brian was trying to show John the energy we had seen in past visits. It was hard to see given the darkness, but we got a voice saying "Right here". Then as Brian was walking around he captured the voice of a man humming, very interesting. It was a good experience for all and nice to visit with Jessie again.

October 25, 2013
Hi again,
So we keep saying we are done for the season, but try as we might we are intrigued by the cemetery where our friend Jess resides. For good reason too as every time we visit there something new and exciting happens for us. We were on our way out to dinner and happened to be going by the cemetery. Both myself and Brian felt a strong energy yet again coming from it. After dinner on our way back home, we decided to stop briefly and check things out. We were both glad we did as we had quite the experience there. At several different points both of us saw what could best be described as distortions in the cemetery. Both Brian and I saw them at the same time and verified with each other what we were seeing. At one point we both saw a distortion moving towards us. It's so hard for us to describe what we saw because there is really no point of reference close to it, other than maybe using how the alien in the movie " Predator" looked when it was invisible. Suffice to say though it was really amazing, and to have both of us seeing the same thing at the same time was just incredible. This is why we both got into and continue on with paranormal investigation. A bit later we moved over to Jess' grave but could only sense him slightly. We were getting ready to turn to go and Brian felt something brush the back of his hair. He turned back and said "He's here." I turned back to look and to my surprise I saw just what Brian was seeing, a distortion that had a outline of a human form. We stood there in awe for a moment, then started to compare what we were seeing and what each of us was seeing matched the other. It was no trick of the eye. This distortion lasted too, it didn't just stop or fade away after a few seconds. We went back over to the grave and Brian again held out his hand. As before I could see Jess' energy envelop Brian's hand and lower arm. There was a difference this time, I could see bits of white mist coming out from Brian's hand. As I looked past Brian's hand I could see a distortion very much in the shape of an arm. I must say at this point Jess was very accommodating with us, because when I held out my hand and asked Jess to touch me I could feel the energy touch my hand and it got cold. Brian watched my interaction with Jess and saw the same as I saw when his hand was extended. It was amazing, to say the least. After that we decided it was time to leave. I can say we will be back though. How soon is up in the air, but the next time we will come with a camera and try to catch some photographic evidence.

October 14, 2013
Hello all,
For almost a week prior, Brian had been sensing a strong feeling from a cemetery close to his home.It was one which we have visited in the past and did a night investigation this year. It is also where we found Jessie, who sometimes resides there although we didn't sense him on this particular day. While talking about it between ourselves, we decided to do a day visit to see if something might be going on there. When we got there we were almost overwhelmed by the strong feelings that the cemetery gave. It was like being blanketed by energy. This pretty much lasted the entire time we were there. That is something that rarely happens at any time and was quite a unique experience. With the strong feeling we got there we were surprised to find upon review that we got no EVP. At the time we also used the Ovilus and received no relative responses. However the SB-7 was a different matter. We got quite a bit from it,most of which I have detailed in our log. It was quite an interesting experience.

After a couple of days we were going out to dinner and would happen to be passing by this cemetery. We decided to check it out to see if the energy level was the same as a couple days before. Although not as much as the last time it was still strong. This time we only came armed with a digital recorder. We did sense that our friend Jessie was there this time. Brian decided to check the energy around his grave. He held out his right arm and noticed immediately that all the hair on that arm was standing straight up but nowhere else. He then asked for Jessie to touch his hand. I watched to see if I could see anything and what I did notice was startling and amazing. I focused on Brian's hand and saw a shimmering just above his hand and forearm. The best way I can describe it was like seeing heat rise from the road, at a distance, on a hot day. It was interesting to see and verify what Brian was feeling. Later on Brian was walking around and heard footsteps behind him. It was verified by our digital recorder which picked it up. This time we only stayed like 20 minutes and again received no EVP, but it was still worth the trip. Now we have to wait til next year to visit again unless the weather warms up enough for us to venture out.

October 3, 2013
Hey all!
Our last investigation was interesting, but then it's never dull when we go to visit our buddy Abel. We had been playing with the idea of a return visit before our season ended this year and when we heard that the cemetery had been cleaned up we felt the time was right. Having it cleaned up meant more access for us so we went there the day of the investigation to see what kind of job they had done. They had done a wonderful job. We were able to go in parts of the cemetery that were previously unreachable due to the fact that it was so grown over. Something else happened too, we found Abel's grave! What an incredible feeling that was. Both Brian and I felt this overwhelming feeling of happiness from Abel. We actually collected no evidence during our day visit though. Upon returning later that evening we set up shop. We had a great view of the cemetery. almost immediately we all saw movement in another part of the cemetery. While John and I went to check it out, Brian stayed behind and started the Ovilus. The first word from the Ovilus was "Happy", followed by "Grave", "Trapped' and finally "Love". We feel that he was bothered by the fact that his stone was hidden and was showing his happiness that he had been found. Later on we did an SB-7 session and had many interesting responses. Abel had greeted us by saying "Hey" as well as a couple of other things. We also had a woman who seemed to really want to contact us. At three separate times we heard her say "Hello". Overall it was a good investigation. It looks as if this might be the last one of the season, unless we get a nice night in the near future.

August 21, 2013
Hey all,
Got another chance to visit our favorite church. That place is sure living up to it's reputation. We have now concluded that there is definitely a little boy who dwells there and is probably more connected to the fact that is was also the schoolhouse as well as the church. We have captured evidence of him now at least four different times there over the past two years. He seems to like to play with the back of Brian's head/hair. He is a very interesting and playful spirit, and loves to run around in there. Yet again we caught his footsteps through the course of this past investigation. Another interesting note is that we captured an EVP at the same time it was coming through the SB-7. We could tell this from the different recording devices we had. Two were farther away and sounded different from what we had from the devices we had next to the SB-7. Overall a very interesting time and looking forward to going back again very soon.

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